What Kind Of Bra Do You Wear Under A Leotard For Dance?

Managing a dancewear store, one question I get almost weekly is what kind of bra do you wear under a leotard? Or, how do you wear a bra under a leotard?

It really comes down to comfort level, personal preference, and studio uniform. Also, a lot of girls don’t wear a bra under their leotard.

Back when I was dancing (we’re talking 2000’s), I’d wear a black sports bra under my black leotards if I even wore a bra. My studio wasn’t too strict when it came to a sports bra showing underneath. Some studio’s are more strict and don’t allow undergarments to show.

Because we’re a dancewear store as well as former dancers, we’re very well versed in undergarments! Keep reading for suggestions on bras and different options for under a leotard!

Eurotard Seamless Wide Band Bra:

It has a v-neckline, adjustable clear shoulder straps and a clear back strap that can be adjusted or swapped out so you can customize your size. The clear straps also make it a great option under costumes! It also has removable padding. The material is soft and stretchy so it’s nice and comfortable. 

Unfortunately, this bra only comes in Beige and Black so it’s not a great option for darker skintones. Also, because it’s so stretchy, it doesn’t offer much support.

Capezio Cami Bra with Bra Tek:

Like the Eurotard bra, it has clear adjustable straps and a clear back strap that can be swapped out for a different size. The best this about this bra is it comes in both Nude and Mocha to resemble more skintones. 

This bra is not a v-neckline so if you’re wearing a leotard that’s cut lower in the front, it will probably stick out.

Jule Dancewear Leotards: 

Jule Dancewear creates leotards that offer coverage and support for dancers! They are based on a sports bra which offers more compression and support than a normal leotard. Even better, these are Made in the USA! They don’t have the manufacturing issues that other brands made overseas have. As a small business ourselves, we love supporting smaller, boutique brands!


If you don’t need support and just need more coverage, Smoothies from Bunhheads are a great option! They are reusable, gel nipple concealers. You literally just stick them on. Once they start to lose their sticky, just wash them and they’ll get sticky again! 

The only issue with these is they don’t offer any support so larger chested ladies may not see these as an option.

Sports Bra:

This was my favorite option when I had to wear leotards! Wearing a sports bra under is definitely the most comfortable, secure option. The only downfall is you can see it sticking out from under your leotard. It definitely helps to get one with the same cut as your leotard (like a racer back sports bra for a racerback leotard.)

Some other options if you just need more coverage, not support (that require more work, but they might work for you.)

  1. If your leotard is lined, take the padding out of an old swimsuit and stitch it on the inside layer of your leotard lining. You can’t see the stitching if you don’t hit the outer layer of your leotard and it gives you coverage! It just doesn’t offer any support.
  1. Bandaids! This is a trick I used to use all the time. Tape your nipples with bandaids to conceal them. Just be careful, especially if you have sensitive skin as the bandaids can be irritating. I wouldn’t use this option everyday but once in a while, it works great!

As the dance world is becoming more diverse and inclusive, we would love to see more companies come out with options for everyone! Especially when it comes to compression…not enough leotards offer support (which is why we love Jule Dancewear so much!)

If you have any dance bras you want us to check out or any tricks you use, leave them in the comments! Your tips and tricks can help out other dancers!


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