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There are so many options when it comes to dance tights. Read on for answers to the most common questions about dance tights!

Are dance tights different from regular tights?

Dance tights are different from regular tights. Dance tights are thicker and they are MUCH more stretchy! Dance tights are also nice because one pair fits a wide range of sizes (because they are so stretchy.) They also last longer than regular tights because they are thicker and stretchier. 

What tights do dancers wear?

Each studio has their own requirements for tights however, our best selling and most requested brand of tights are the Capezio Ultra-Soft tights. We also LOVE the brand Prima Soft tights. They are truly a one size fits most tight and they are beyond durable! 

Do dance tights go over or under the leotard?

Both! Dance tights can be worn over or under the leotard. Most younger dancers wear them under their leotard however, the older girls (around 12 years old and up) wear them how they want unless their studio has a requirement.

What color dance tights should I wear?

If your studio does not specify a color of tights, the best rule of thumb is to match your tights to your dance shoes. If you’re wearing pink ballet shoes, get pink tights. If you’re wearing skin tone jazz shoes, wear skin tone tights. If you’re more into musical theater styles, you might like to wear black tights with your black character shoes.

Why do ballet tights have holes at the bottom?

Ballet tights have a hole in the bottom so dancers on pointe can secure their toe pads for their pointe shoes under their tights. Transition/convertible tights are great for different styles of dance too!

Why do dancers wear convertible tights?

Dancers wear convertible tights so they can make them footed or footless. A dancer may have 2 classes back-to-back and need different tights for each class. They might want to wear their convertible tights over their feet for their jazz shoes, then roll them up and dance barefoot for contemporary. 

If you’re a new dance parent, don’t let the tights overwhelm you! Our #1 tip is to ask the studio you’re at if they have a tight requirement. If they don’t have a tight requirement and you’re still not sure what to buy, your local dance shop can help you pick out tights for your dance needs!

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