We’re bringing in Smaller “Boutique” Brands this Spring!

In case you missed it, we went to the Atlantic Dance Retailers Show in Baltimore the weekend before Valentine’s Day. We’re sooo excited to be bringing in a bunch of new brands and products!


The most HIGHLY ANTICIPATED brand we’re bringing in is Honeycut!!! Honeycut is based in Southern California and is passionate about Saving The Bees! (If you don’t know why that’s important, pesticides are killing bees at an alarming rate. Human life can only exist for ONE YEAR without bees.)

We’re bringing in a bunch of adorable sets that you can mix and match! This line is mostly for teen dancers, however they do have some kids options, so we’re getting quite a few sets in kids sizing too! These sets are perfect for conventions (especially the white…you will STAND OUT!) We’re getting in quite a few black options for our studios that prefer everyone in black.

These are so adorable and unique, you could even add rhinestones to these tops to use as a costume or audition outfit!

***If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been bringing in a lot of sets from a bunch of different brands. We want our customers to think of us when they’re looking for 2 piece sets just like you all think of us when you’re looking for a new leotard or shoes! We’re not just bringing in a handful of styles…we’re bringing in a full stock of sets!***

Jule Dancewear

We know our teen girls will LOVE Jule Dancewear. If you’ve ever felt self-conscious in a leotard that you didn’t think was supportive enough, or if you always feel like you need a bra under your leotard (I think we’ve all fit into one of those categories), you will LOVE this line!

Jule Dancewear is made to give girls support and help them feel confident in their dancewear. The top of these leotards is made with compression, just like a sports bra! They offer coverage as well. The designs are so cute and trendy you’ll be sure to stand out (in a good way!)

What’s even better, Jule Dancewear is Made in the USA!  

We aren’t only bringing in leotards from Jule, but we’re also bringing in some adorable skirts and their famous Meshie’s!! You all are going to LOVE this stuff!


Have you been looking for a hiphop sneaker, but the typical jazz sneakers look like you’re going to a hiphop class in the early 2000’s and your Nike sneakers have too much traction to the floor? Well look no further! We’re finally getting Pastry Sneakers!

Pastry’s are super trendy, great for hiphop and street jazz styles, and they’re even worn by a bunch of NBA and NFL dance teams!

We’re getting in a black high-top style for hiphop, a cheer shoe (because we get requests in the fall), and an awesome teaching shoe!!!

I’ve got to go into detail on this teaching shoe. We get so many requests from teachers for a shoe that’s supportive, but you can still point your foot in. The split sole jazz sneakers are popular among teachers because you can point your foot however, they offer no arch support. The straight sole sneakers offer more support, but you can’t point your foot.

Pastry has solved this debacle! They have a shoe that is straight sole, provides arch support, but the sole is flexible so it bends with your foot when you point! Every teacher needs to come try this shoe!

Covet Dance

Recitals are coming and everyone is always looking for recital gifts. We’ve got you covered with Covet Dance! Covet has the cutest gifts for every dancer! They have pointe shoe shaped foot soak bombs, a dancer’s apothecary kit, dancer sweatshirts, ballet body wash, literally everything gifty!

This recital season, you can make The Cinnamon Tree your one stop shop for everything you need for recitals (and recital gifts!)

Now, we have some super exciting updates on current brands!

Russian Pointe

Everyone in Russian Pointe’s knows how difficult it’s been to get shoes. They’re still backordered, but they did guarantee that orders are taking 12 weeks! (That’s down from the 18 weeks it was about 2 months ago.) So if you want to take Russians to summer intensive, get your orders in!!!

Russian Pointe also said they’re hoping to get caught up by back to dance this fall, so fingers crossed!


We’ve already been telling people we’re bringing in the Nikolay Maya pointe shoes, but this summerish, Nikolay is coming out with another shoe (it doesn’t even have a name yet.) They had a sample of it in Sarena’s size, so she tried it on and it looks soooo good! So we ordered a size run of them!

This new, nameless shoe, is going to be great for beginners! We can’t wait to start fitting it!


We get a lot of girls coming in who want to try Suffolk pointe shoes, but the models we currently stock are a wider, boxier shape. We haven’t had an option in Suffolk for narrow more tapered feet…until now!

We’re bringing in the Suffolk Status! This shoe is narrower and more tapered than the Spotlight and the Stellar which we currently stock!

Gaynor Minden

We’re so happy we got to speak with Gaynor Minden…so what’s going on with the European shoes right now???

We were told that they are constantly hearing feedback and making changes to the European shoes to make them match the USA model more closely. We have decided to wait until they have perfected the European model before bringing in a full stock of them. We would hate to fit people in the European shoes as they are constantly changing them, but we are so happy to hear that they are constantly improving the European model! This shoe will be coming in the near future, we just don’t have an exact timeline just yet.


We are sooooo impressed with Eurotard! The quality is impeccable and they haven’t had as bad of backorder issues as some of the other larger companies. We will be switching a bunch of shoes over to Eurotard!

One of their most impressive products we got to try on at the show was their stretch canvas ballet shoe! It fit’s just like the Hanami, but it is more durable! They have a layer of almost suede-like material inside the shoe so it’s not as easy to bust a hole in the toe.

Eurotard has their own version of the Hanami pirouette too. We tried it on and it fits just like the Hanami pirouette but it’s made with the same more durable material!

They have a jazz shoe that we’ll be bringing in which looks similar to the Bloch Neoflex. It fits beautifully and it is amazing quality! What’s even better is the price point! Eurotard’s shoes are all a better price than the other larger brands we carry! We can’t wait for everyone to try Eurotard if you haven’t already!

We can’t wait for everyone to try these new companies we’re bringing in! What are you most excited to try?

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