The Ultimate Dancer Gift Guide 2023

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Is your dancer hard to shop for? Need to get a gift for your dance teacher? Don’t know what to get for your Secret Santa gift at the studio? Do not fret! We’ve got plenty of gifts that everyone will love for every budget!

Find gifts for your…

-Secret Santa gift exchange

-Dance Teacher

-Dance Bestie

-Difficult to shop for Dancer

Secret Santa Gift Exchange:


What dancer doesn’t love a good Nutcracker!? The Candy Cane Nutcracker or this gorgeous Rose Gold Nutcracker are great options!

Nutcracker Socks:

Speaking of Nutcrackers, these Nutcracker socks make PERFECT Secret Santa gifts! The Snow Scene and Sugar Plum Fairy socks are way too adorable!

Nutcracker Ornaments:

If your studio does a Nutcracker, get them a Nutcracker Ornament! Especially if they’re a lead role, you can never go wrong getting them the character they’re dancing!

Piggy Paint Gift Set:

For a younger dancer, or just someone who loves fun colors, the Piggy Paint “Oh Holly Jolly” gift set and the Piggy Paint “Santa’s Sweetie” gift set make great gifts! 

Ballet Bear Body Wash:

These Bears with a tutu scrunchie are way too cute! If you have no idea what to give for a Secret Santa gift, these Ballet Bears come in clutch!

Unicorn Keychain:

These Unicorn Keychains are one of our best seller novelty items and for good reason! They are just way too adorable!

Dance Teacher Gifts:

Little Happiness Co. Dance Teacher Necklace:

This necklace is made especially for dance teachers! It’s such a cute, thoughtful gift your teacher will love!

Nutcracker Ornaments:

Here are the ornaments again! But if your studio does a Nutcracker, these ornaments really are great gifts.


What ballet teacher can resist some cozy legwarmers?? Even if they don’t use them in ballet class, winter is coming and legwarmers are great for keeping your legs and ankles warm in general!


These body wash infused buffers are so luxurious and they smell AMAZING! Pair one of these with an ornament or legwarmers and you’ve got the perfect gift for your teacher!

Dance Bestie Gifts:

Little Happiness Co. Best Friends Necklace:

These necklaces are MADE for best friends! Keep one for yourself and give one to your best friend! We even have a set of 4 if you have more than one best friend at dance! And don’t forget about the Bestie Wish Bracelet either! Any of these are such thoughtful gifts for your dance bestie!

Dance T-Shirts:

If your Bestie is into the Zodiac signs, you can’t pass up this Zodiac Dancers T-Shirt! And this Sun’s Out, Bun’s Out tank top is so fun! (These items are available in our Manassas location. We can transfer them to Herndon or ship them, just give us a call! 703-331-5964.)

Dancer Apothecary Kit:

This apothecary kit will help your Bestie get back to life after long Nutcracker rehearsals! The products in this kit help ease muscle aches, help prevent bruising & swelling, and they help soothe and disinfect as well!


Here are the Spongelle’s again, but they are really great add on gifts for anyone! Or stick the Spongelle in a mug with your Bestie’s favorite candy for a cute, affordable gift!

Difficult To Shop For Dancer Gifts:


You can’t go wrong with a fresh pair of booties! We have some brand new colors too in both Adult and Kids sizes!


The Nutcrackers are showing up here now, but they are a great holiday gift when you really don’t know what to get someone!

Little Happiness Co. Necklace:

These necklaces are so cute and thoughtful. We have some dancer themed ones too! These necklaces are great for older, middle school & high school aged dancers.

Trash Bag Pants:

These are basically the dancers’ cover up uniform. You can never have too many trash bag pants! And unless your dancer owns them in every color, they make really great gifts! And it’s really hard to guess the wrong size in these.

Trinket Box:

If you’ve got a ballerina, this Trinket Box is so stinkin cute! (I had tons of little boxes like these when I was younger and kept special coins, necklaces, and anything small I didn’t want to lose in them.)

Nutcracker Ornaments:

These Nutcracker ornaments are really such a special and thoughtful gift, especially if your dancer performs in the Nutcracker!

And if all else fails, get them a Cinnamon Tree Gift Card so they can pick out their own gifts!

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