Studio Fittings

For your dancers’ convenience, we offer fittings at the studio! Studio fittings are great if you aren’t located close to a store, if your rehearsal schedule is too busy for your dancers to come in to be fit, or just as a fun event to start the dance season!

What To Expect:

We bring the store to you! For pointe shoe fittings, we pack up our entire stock of pointe shoes and pointe accessories and bring them to the studio to fit your dancers. We aren’t one of those store that only bring a handful of models and put the dancer in one. We literally bring every model so we can properly fit your dancers. 

For non-pointe shoe fittings, we bring your studio’s uniform shoes to fit your dancers. We can bring additional clothing items upon request.


-Minimum of 16 Dancers for Pointe Shoe Fitting

-Minimum of 25 Dancers for other shoes

Request A Studio Fitting: