Russian Pointe Rubin Dupe? Russian Pointe Rubin vs. Merlet Lisa

The most popular Russian Pointe model we sell is the Rubin. As we can no longer get Rubin’s and Rubin Radiances, we’ve switched multiple dancers out of the Russian Pointe Rubin to the Merlet Lisa! The shape of the shoes are very similar and the Merlet Lisa has interchangeable shanks (so the shoe will last longer. Once the shank is dead, you can just swap it out!)

Let’s break down the similarities between the Rubin and the Lisa.

*The shoes in the photos are comparable sizes. The Rubin photographed is a 38W3V2. The Lisa photographed is a 38C.


The photo is a Rubin with a Vamp 2. The Lisa’s vamp length is identical to the Rubin Vamp 2. The Rubin is a U-Cut which the same shape as the Lisa.


The shape of the box on both the Rubin and the Lisa are similar too. They both have a slight taper so they don’t look boxy on your foot, but they’re not too tapered that they can’t accommodate wider feet. The Lisa has a reinforced box so it’s meant to last through multiple shank changes. This is great news since you won’t have to purchase the shoe as often!


Both the Rubin and the Lisa have a wider platform however the Lisa’s platform is just barely wider. Also, the Lisa has a suede tip. If you’re a fan of the Rubin Radiance, you’ll appreciate the suede tip on the Lisa.


The Rubin comes in 4 different shank strengths from Feather Soft to Hard. The Lisa also comes in 4 different shank strengths from a Soft to a Double Hard. The great thing about the Lisa is you can swap the shanks out! If you’re dancing and you think you need a different shank strength, you don’t need to buy a new shoe! You just need a new shank! Also, since the box is reinforced, it won’t die as quickly so once your shank is dead, you just need to swap in a new shank instead of buying a whole new pair of shoes!


A lot of people like the color of the Russian Pointe shoes because they seamlessly match Ballet Pink tights. The Merlet Lisa is slightly peachier, but it’s still on the very light side and it blends in with the tights pretty well!

Has this convinced you to switch to the Lisa? Book your fitting HERE!


  • sue


    I just found Your site with the interesting article on Rubin and Merlet Lisa:

    I had the Rubin U-Cut with Suede Tips in 37,5 Width 6 Vamp 3 Shank FH, but cause of the war it is impossible to get it at the moment. Also in pandemic times it took a long time to get it.

    I changed to Merlet Lisa 38,5 = 18 (Merlet Size) Width D, so You can compare the sizes.

    With the best wishes from Europe


    • Mary

      Hello Sue,

      I thank You for Your comment.

      I want to leave a message for You because I had te same size as You had in the Rubin from R-Class.

      I tried the “LISA” in 18 width D but it was too tight for my feet. But the “DIVA” (as the “CLOE” with the medium vamp and the “BELLE”) from Merlet is now also available in width E and the vamp is deeper (like vamp 3 of Rubin) than the vamp of “LISA”. Merlet shank H is comparable to R-Class shank FH. Probably You would like to try next time? It is so hard to find pointe shoes which are wide enough for really wide feet as ours.

      With the best wishes from Mary

  • Andrea Chickness

    Hi! I hate the new European Gaynors and have been looking to transition brands to something similar and was considering Merlet. Any thoughts? I was a Gaynor 7 narrow Sleek, 3 box, deep vamp, supple

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