CTREE Rewards

Did you know we have 3 different ways to save through our 10% discount card, our pointe shoe rewards program, and our studio rewards program?!

10% Discount Card:

Spend $150 in one single purchase and receive our 10% discount to be used on EVERY PURCHASE for an entire year! If you forget your discount card, it’s okay! We keep track of your discount on your account.

Pointe Shoe Rewards Program:

Get a pointe shoe punch card when you purchase a pair of pointe shoes. Each pair purchased gets a hole punch. Once you get 9 punches, you get a FREE pair of pointe shoes!

Punch card must be presented at the time of purchase. Keep your punch card in a safe place! We do not track this program electronically. If you lose your card, you will receive a new card with zero punches.

Studio Rewards Program:

If your studio is enrolled in our Studio Rewards Program, you get a discount on EVERY PURCHASE and your studio can earn money back as well! Ask your studio if they’re enrolled in our Studio Rewards Program!