Gaynor Minden dance studio backpack

Does The Perfect Dance Bag Exist? We Think So!

Are you on the hunt for the perfect dance bag?? Look no further than the Gaynor Minden Studio Backpack! This backpack is so spacious for its size. It’s perfect for transporting your dance stuff to and from the studio, and it’s also perfect to pack your things for a weekend getaway.

When I was dancing, I used to haul my stuff to and from in a duffle bag. It worked fine however, my stuff was always disorganized, and the bag was so bulky! Especially around show time when I had to haul 15 costumes to/from the theater, the duffle bag got in the way.

Traditional backpacks are too small for multiple pairs of dance shoes though. Even though they’re easier to carry because both your hands are free and they don’t get in the way, they just don’t have the space of a duffle bag.

The Gaynor Minden Studio Backpack is the perfect solution to all these issues!

The opening of this bag has a wire outlining it to create a wide opening. It has handles so you can carry it like a tote, or you can wear it like a traditional backpack. There are compartments on the side to hold your water bottle. There’s a zipper pocket on the front and there’s another zipper pocket on the back, perfect for storing hairpins and hairnets!

The inside is my favorite part! Since it opens so wide and the bottom of the bag is a square shape, it holds SO MUCH STUFF! There are pockets on all 4 sides inside the bag as well as a zipper pocket inside for extra storage. This bag is deep too!

This bag comes in different colors, so there’s something for everyone! It makes a great gift as well! (***Hint, hint*** Recital Gift!)

We try our best to keep this bag in stock in our shop! (We carry Pink, Black, and Grey in the Gaynor Minden Studio Bag.) Order online at our website! (Our shipping is faster than Discount Dance too!)

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