Dancewear You Should NEVER Buy On Amazon

Dancewear You Should Never Buy On Amazon

Obviously, we are a dancewear store so we can be biased, but we do realize times are tough right now and dance supplies can be expensive. There are some dancewear items you should NEVER buy on Amazon…or online in general.

Also, as humans who do understand that dancewear is expensive, we do NOT inflate our prices. We price the same as the manufacturer AND we offer programs in our store to save more money.

Even with that, we know people like to shop online. But there are some dance items you should NEVER purchase online…so let’s get into the list.

Pointe Shoes:

Pointe shoes need to fit so specifically. If your foot grows, you can’t just go up a size…you need to get re-fit. Also, when you purchase on Amazon, you have no idea how long that shoe has been sitting on the shelf and the climate conditions in the warehouse. If the warehouse is humid, that pointe shoe is no good. Luckily, Amazon doesn’t have very many name brand pointe shoes so your shoe probably isn’t on Amazon anyways. And please DO NOT buy the off brand pointe shoes. Just do the safe thing and get fit by us.

All Other Dance Shoes:

If we had a dollar for everyone who tried to order dance shoes online, gave up, and came in to get fit, we could retire. The vast majority of dance shoes don’t run the same as street shoes and most brands overlap the large kids and small adult shoe sizes so it’s almost impossible to guess the size, even with a size chart. Save yourself the headache and trips to the post office and just come in to try on the shoes. 

Nude Undergarment Leotards:

These leotards are tricky because they’re meant to be snug and they fit a little differently than a normal leotard since you don’t want them to be seen under a costume. For this reason, we always have to help people with the fit and sizing of nude undergarment leotards. It’s easier to just buy them in store.


Since leotards fit based on torso length more than clothing size, a tall 8/10 child could fit in a small adult leotard. Also, different brands fit differently so it’s just easier to come in to the store and try them on.

Skin Tone Tights:

If you’re trying to match your skin tone as closely as possible, it’s hard to do that with online swatches as different monitors can display different shades. In store, we have tight samples so you can get the closest match to your skin tone. 

As a small business, we always appreciate when people shop through us instead of Amazon! We wouldn’t be in business without you shopping here and we love to give back to the local studios through our studio rewards program! (If your studio is not a part of our studio rewards program, ask them about joining!)  You don’t see Amazon giving money back to your studio. 

So thank you to our loyal customers! We couldn’t be here without you! And after reading this post, if shopping online is still more convenient for you, you can shop through our website!

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