How To Do Your Hair For Your Dance Recital: Dance Recital Hair

How To Do Your Hair For Your Dance Recital

Do you have a dance recital coming up and need help with your hair? We have all the recital hair tips and tricks!

First and foremost, make sure you know what style hair you need to wear. Are you wearing your hair in a bun? Ponytail? Is it a high bun, or a low bun? Half up, half down? Check with your dance teacher to make sure you know what hairstyle to do.

Items that make your hair easy:

To make a bun, we LOVE the Bunheads Hair Pins and Hair Nets. The Hair Pins are pretty thick so they grab a lot of hair. The most secure way to pin the bun is to insert them with the prongs towards the scalp, then turn the pins towards the bun and push them in. Then wrap the Hair Net around the bun to keep in flyway’s! Watch this video for a demo.

You can also use the Bunheads Bun Builder to make your bun perfectly round. To use the Bun Builder, make a ponytail then slide the Bun Builder to the base of the ponytail, spread your hair around it and wrap a Hair Tie around it. Then use the steps above to pin in the hair hanging out and finish with a Hair Net.

Other Items You’ll Need For Recital Hair:

To make your bun super neat, use hair gel to slick down flyway’s, then finish off with hair spray to keep everything in place. 

If you have fine hair and struggle to keep it in a bun, use a texturizing spray on your ponytail to give something for the pins to grab on to.

To eliminate bumps in your ponytail, make sure you comb your hair and get all the tangles out. You can even apply hair gel then comb through it before it dries for a slick look.

Recital Hair Tips:

Practice, practice, practice! Practice your recital hair style at home, before the day-of to eliminate added stress. This is super important if you’re just learning how to do your own hair or do your child’s hair for the recital. 

Ask for help! (Most of the time) there are experienced Dance Moms or older, experienced dancers backstage who can help you! Don’t be afraid to ask.

There are so many different ways to do the same hair style. Watch different YouTube videos and find a method that works for you.

If you have to change your hairstyle, keep a spray bottle of water handy. You may need it to help loosen the gel or hairspray to change the style.

I saved the best tip for last, COME WITH YOUR HAIR DONE! Don’t wait until you get there to do your hair. It’s way less stressful.

We hope everyone has a wonderful recital season! Let us know your favorite recital hair style in the comments below!

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