12 Dance Competition Gift Ideas

12 Dance Competition Gift Ideas For Every Dancer (and Budget)

Whether it’s your dancers first competition, first competition of the season, or you need a buddy gift for a dance friend, we’ve got you covered with dance competition gifts for every budget!

Dance Scrunchie

On the lower budget end, these “Eat, Sleep, Dance, Repeat” and “Why Walk When You Can Dance” scrunchies are a great choice! 

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dancer scrunchie, eat sleep dance scrunchie, dancer competition gift ideas

Hair Ties

Another low budget option are these “Why Walk When You Can Dance” hair ties! They’re so cute and trendy too. They’re a great gift for multiple dance friends too!

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floral hair tie, dancer gifts, dance competition gifts

Personalized Tumbler

Does your dancer constantly lose their water bottle? Get them a personalized tumbler that’ll be hard to lose! (These make amazing dance teacher gifts too.)

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Rac N Roll

On the higher budget side, every dancer needs a nice bag with a garment rack! These come in multiple colors and sizes so you’ll be sure to find a great fit for any dancer.

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Little Happiness Co.

These necklaces make the SWEETEST gifts! You can get a necklace with a dancer charm, or just a Best Friends necklace for your dance bestie!

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best friends forever necklace for teens, teen dancer gifts, best teen dancer gifts
dance necklace gift, dance competition gifts


What dancer couldn’t use a fresh pair of booties?? With so many colors to choose from and flexible sizing, you can’t go wrong!

bloch bootie light blue
bloch bootie floral print
bloch bootie hot pink kids size

Trash Bag Pants

Another gift that any dancer will get lots of use out of are “trash bag pants” or warm-up pants. The price point of the Bloch Rip Stop pants is unbeatable!

ripstop pants in pink, trash bag pants for dancers, dance pants, dance gifts, dance competition gifts

Personalized Net Bag

If you have a dancer with multiple pairs of shoes, a personalized net bag is the way to go! You can put they style of dance on the bag, or just the dancers name. 

personalized gifts for dancers, personalized net bag, dance bag gifts

Cosmetics Bag With LED Mirror

These bags are BOUGIE! They have an LED mirror in the bag which is perfect for the questionable lighting situations at dance competitions.

cosmetics bag with LED mirror, best cosmetics bag for dancers, dance gifts, dancer competition gifts

Massage Ball

Massage Ball’s are another budget friendly option. I don’t know a dancer who doesn’t love to roll their feet every chance they get!

massage ball for dancers feet

Charcoal Pouches

If your dancer has some stinky shoes, charcoal pouches are a no brainer! You put them in their shoes to absorb the sweat and odors.

charcoal pouches for stinky dance shoes, gifts for dancers, dance competition gifts

Shimmer Lotion

The Piggy Paint Shimmer Lotion is perfect to glow on stage! Get a bottle for yourself and all your dance friends!

shimmer lotion for dancers, piggy paint shimmer lotion, dance competition gifts

What’s been the best dance competition you’ve received? Let us know in the comments!

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