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10 Things You Need For Dance Competition Season

It’s dance competition season and as a competition dance parent, things can get overwhelming quickly!

Your studio will probably give you a list of things you’ll need for your dance competition like shoes, tights, costume pieces, makeup, etc. But there are a bunch of unspoken things you’ll want to get before the first competition.

And luckily, as a dancewear store, we see what everyone, regardless of their studio, is stocking up on or running at the last minute trying to get before their competition. (And you’d be surprised at the things people get at the last minute for competition.)

1. Rac N Roll Duffle with Garment Rack:

The Rac N Roll Duffle is an absolute must have for competition season! Dance duffles with the garment rack are one of our most popular week-of-competition purchases too! 

These bags make your life so much easier by keeping everything together and easily organized (thanks to the garment rack.) They come in 3 different sizes (the largest fits up to 20 costumes) so you’ll have no problem fitting everything you need into one bag.

Dance competition duffle bags with garment rack, rac n roll duffle with garment rack, pageant bag with garment rack, rolling duffle bag with garment rack

2. Garment Bags:

Garment bags are essential for keeping your costumes organized on your Rac N Roll garment rack. Having a garment bag for each costume lets you organize every costume with every piece required (like gloves and hair pieces) so you won’t lose anything!

Garment bag for dance competition, dance competition organization

3. Personalized Tumbler:

Have you ever had a nice water bottle that’s disappeared during a competition? Don’t let it happen again! Stay hydrated with our 40oz tumblers that can be personalized with your name on them!

We can’t guarantee you won’t leave your water bottle behind, but at least no one will accidentally take yours now!

Personalized tumbler for dancers, best water bottle for dance

4. Rac N Roll Cosmetic Bag with LED Mirror:

You never know about the lighting at competitions. Thanks to the Rac N Roll Cosmetic Bags with a built in LED mirror, you won’t have to worry about bad lighting for makeup touch-ups at a competition again! 

These bags are so well built and have nice compartments so you can keep all your hair and makeup necessities in one place!

Cosmetic bag with LED mirror, rac n roll cometic bag, cosmetic bag for dance competition, makeup bag for dance competitions

5. Warm Up Booties:

You can’t be at a competition without your Bloch Warm-Up Booties! These guys are perfect for throwing on in-between dances to keep your feet warmed up. And unless you’re in tap shoes, you can leave your dance shoes on and put the booties over your shoes! (Less chance of shoes going missing that way too.)

bloch warm up booties, dance booties, dance moon boots, moon boots that dancers wear

6. Warm Up Pants:

We love trash bag style pants to throw on over a costume (especially if it’s cold.) They’re great for keeping your muscles warm and for just walking around at the competition with your warm up booties.

trash bag pants for dancers, dance warm up pants

7. Roll On Body Glue:

Roll on body glue is something your should always have in your competition bag. Whether you have a strap that won’t stay in place or shorts that ride up, roll on body glue is a LIFE SAVER!

roll on body glue, butt glue for dancers,  butt glue for gymnasts, roll on butt glue

8. Extra Competition Earrings:

You should ALWAYS have an extra set of earrings on hand. I’ve definitely had earrings fly out of my ears on stage…it happens often enough that you don’t want to be the one who loses an earring and doesn’t have a spare. Again, earrings are just a great item to always have extras on hand just in case!

dance competition earrings, rhinestone earrings for dancers, dance audition earrings

9. Hair Pins:

We LOVE the Bunheads hair pins! They hold the bun in place better than any other hair pin we’ve tried…and trust us, we’ve tried them all! If you haven’t tried the Bunheads Hair Pins for your bun, you’re really missing out!

ballet pins, hair pins for ballet, best bobby pins for a bun, bun bobby pins, bun hair pins

10. Performance Lashes:

False eyelashes make a HUGE difference on stage! Without them, it’s really hard to see the dancers’ eyes. These are another great item to have extras of in your competition bag.

performance lashes, competition makeup, dance competition eyelashes, eyelashes for dance

These are just the basics of other necessities you’ll need for competition. Shop our competition essentials HERE. Let us know what item you always have handy for competitions in the comments!

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