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How To Pick A Competition Dance Bag: Rac N Roll vs. Glam’r Gear

As a dancewear store, we have experience with both Rac N Roll’s and Glam’r Gear bags and the companies as a whole. We used to stock Glam’r Gear religiously! Not anymore though!

Rac N Roll has really upped their game, not only with the bags themselves, but their customer service and the people behind the company are worth supporting.

Glam’r Gear:


  • If you receive a bag that isn’t broken, they LAST.
  • They come in multiple sizes.
  • They’re on 4 wheels so they’re easy to roll.
  • You can add a privacy curtain to change at competitions.
  • They are priced lower than Rac N Roll’s (on the surface.)
  • You can buy matching accessories.


  • Their customer service is ATROCIOUS! We had a customer who’s bag came with a broken part. Instead of graciously replacing the part, Glam’r Gear blamed us (the retail store) for not checking the bag when we received it (we shouldn’t have to check an almost $400 bag to make sure it’s not broken, but whatever.) Then they gave our customer a hard time to get the part replaced too. When they finally sent our customer a new part, IT WAS BROKEN TOO!
  • They don’t offer free shipping, so they end up being more expensive than Rac N Roll.

Rac N Roll:

We met Rac N Roll at a retailer’s show and fell in LOVE! Their bags are absolutely beautiful and the people from Rac N Roll are BEYOND friendly and want to provide the absolute best customer service!


  • They have multiple sizes and beautiful bags colors.
  • They’re on 4 wheels so they’re easy to roll.
  • If you need a replacement part, they are more than happy to assist you with that.
  • We just brought them in, but from our research, these bags last YEARS!
  • You can add a privacy curtain for changing.
  • They have INCREDIBLE customer service!
  • Rac N Roll bags end up being cheaper than Glam’r Gear because they offer FREE SHIPPING!


  • Our only con is we didn’t start working with them sooner!

Rac N Roll is true quality and we recommend them to anyone looking for a really nice competition duffle bag! We also like that they come in more mature colors for the teen and adult dancers. If you’re ready to place your order, head over to this link! Use code RACNROLLFREESHIP for free shipping on your Rac N Roll bag!

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