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You MUST come prepared for you pointe shoe fitting!

We’ve had a LOT of dancers coming unprepared to their pointe shoe fittings. If you are not prepared, we can not properly fit you and you will be asked to reschedule your appointment and you will be charged the $50 no-show fee.

How To Come Prepared:

  • Come with trimmed toenails! (If your toenails are long, you can not be fit properly and your toes will HURT! We will not fit you if your toenails are too long as it is dangerous.)

  • Bring your TOEPADS! If you do not bring your toepads, you will need to purchase them. We are not lending out toepads to use. (Would you want to wear a toepad that 20 other dancers have worn? We didn’t think so.)

  • Bring your current pair of pointe shoes so we can check your wear pattern.

  • Wear form fitting clothes! A leotard and clean transition tights or leggings are acceptable. We need to see your alignment through your hips and legs and we can’t do that if you’re wearing baggy clothes.

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