Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of the same questions so here are the answers to the most common questions we get!

Do we carry stuff for adults??

We sure do!! Most dancers are in adult sizing so we’d be silly not to carry adult merchandise.

Do we carry dance shoes??

We surprisingly get this question a lot…at least once a day. Of course we do! We’re a dance store! What else would we carry??

Do you have to pay for a pointe shoe fitting??

Nope! Pointe shoe fittings are completely free! You just need to make an appointment! Just don’t take advantage of us. If you come in for a fitting intending on purchasing elsewhere (like online), we will charge you a $25 fitting fee as fitting you is the service we provide and it’s super rude to come into a small business just to take advantage of the services we provide and not support us.

Do you have to make an appointment??

For pointe shoe fittings, we do require an appointment. For all other shoes or dancewear needs you do not need an appointment!

Are we open??

Yes! Thank goodness! We are open for business! We opened back up in June 2020 after having to close for 3 months due to the pandemic. We do temperature checks and we will have you sanitize or wash your hands upon arrival.

Do we carry tights??

Yes! We have tights in all skin tones, different shades of pink, with and without seams, in children and adult sizes. We have so many tights it’s kind of crazy, but we are a dance store so that’s our job!

Will we call you when your order arrives??

Yes! Please do not call us to check on the status unless it’s been more than 2 weeks. We don’t want to hold on to your orders so we’ll call you as soon as we pull it out of the delivery box!