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5 Reasons You Should Always Shop Small Businesses for Dance Wear

Thanks to the pandemic, a lot of people have become too comfortable with online shopping. Not only does shopping with large online retailers hurt small businesses like us, but shopping in-store (especially for dancewear) can definitely be MORE convenient! So why should you shop with us, (or in-store) for dancewear? Keep reading to find out!

***These reasons are specific to The Cinnamon Tree Dance Shop, but other dance retailers probably have similar programs to ours.

1. Get the correct size every time

Dance shoes can run very differently than street shoes. In your ballet shoe, you might end up in a size 10, a size 7 tap shoe, an 8 jazz shoe, a medium half-sole and a 38W2V2FS pointe shoe. Save yourself the trouble of ordering, sending back, and then ordering again, to only send back, then end up shopping with us anyway because you give up on guessing!

Our fitters are trained in fitting all kinds of dance shoes. We will ensure you (or your dancer) gets the proper fit in all of their dance shoes. If you create an account with us, we also keep track of your sizing! Pointe shoe fittings do require an appointment, but you can just walk in to get fit in all other shoes!

2. We have fitting rooms

Leotards are hard to guess the size. Different brands are cut differently so a size small in one brand could be a medium in another brand. Also different styles, even within the same brand, can fit differently. There’s not need to guess on the size here wither! Our fitting rooms are OPEN, so feel free to come in and try on dancewear!

3. We work directly with studios. We support you, you support us!

We offer a studio rewards program, so if your studio enrolls, your studio gets money back on purchases from their dancers AND you get a discount every time you shop with us! It’s a win-win-win! Also, we specifically stock uniforms for studios in our studio rewards program, so we’ll know exactly what you need when you come in! On top of that, large online retailers and their employees aren’t coming to local performances, they’re not making a trip to your studio to do a studio fitting, they’re not buying ads in your Nutcracker programs. But small, local dance shop owners and their employees are!

4. Speaking of rewards, the more you shop with us, the more you save!

We have a points reward program that every customer can join. Each purchase you make with us, you accumulate points which can lead to free tights, or up to 25% off your ENTIRE purchase! On top of our shopping points reward system, we also offer a pointe shoe rewards punch card which leads to a FREE PAIR OF POINTE SHOES! These rewards never expire either! How awesome is that??

5. Product quality

We stand by every item in the store. The brands we stock are of the best quality! We do not stock cheap, knock offs that will cost you more money in the long run. If we notice a brand is raising their prices but they’re not producing the quality to back it up, we stop stocking their products. That is how serious we are about the quality of products we stock. (Like with any product, there’s always the chance to receive a lemon, but overall the brands we carry are some of the best in the dancewear industry!)

We’re so BEYOND thankful to our amazing customer who got us through the past year and a half and kept us in business! We couldn’t do it without you all and we hope to service you and all your dancewear needs for years to come!

What’s your favorite thing about the in-store shopping experience? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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  • Limelight Teamwear

    Small businesses often offer a variety of unique and customized dancewear products that are not available at larger retailers. These products are designed by smaller teams and often offer a personal touch, making them stand out from the mass-produced options offered at larger stores.

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